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I have a vinyl slide door frame that istill bowing down from the top center causing the non movable glass to bend out. With the glass bent out it causes the door to be difficult to close. My question is how do you shim a vinyl door. is it the same process as a aluminum sliding doors and what about the outside frame, do I make some clearance between the stucco and the door so it would allow for proper adjustment of shims. Long story short how do I shim a vinyl sliding doors
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 01/06/2019

The glass is what gets replaced. There is no sash to replace on a single hung. There are 3 main glass mfg's in the USA: LOF (Libby Owens Ford) Pilkington and Cardinal. Each will have a slightly different tint to their glass, especially if it is Low-E. If he got the glass from the mfg, it is likely Low-E which would explain the tint. Most window mfg's won't even sell a window that has clear glass since it does not meet todays NFRC and Energy Star standards. But you can get clear IGU's from a commercial window shop. So I would suggest you call a commercial glass company, have them replace the insulated glass unit in the top half of your window and if you get lucky your glass may not have the greenish tint anymore.

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 02/14/2019

You would first need to remove the trim to see if there is space between the door and the header. If there is, you probably need to remove the fasteners in the exterior nailing fin, then raise the top jamb until it's straight again, refasten it, and then install jamb screws across the top jamb every 12 - 16 or so to make sure it stays straight. If there is no space on top of the door you will probably need to totally dismantle and remove the door from the opening. At a minimum you will probably need to remove the operating and fixed panels from the frame.

- WILLARD QUINN (North Richland Hills, TX), 02/16/2019

I'll take some pictures today. But as I was looking it over I don't see any screws in the door frame. Thanks for the response. this is the first time in this forum and I love it.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Bellevue, NE), 02/10/2019

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