Forum Title: Unable to remove screens from 1960's storm windows
The house was built in 1960 with aluminum storm windows. After watching countless Youtube videos, I still have no idea how I'm supposed to get the screens off these windows. There are no tabs or spring latches. We have tried pulling them out from inside and outside, but they are obviously not intended to be removed that way and end up severely bent. The storm windows have metal tabs held in with screws (shown in photos). I believe those windows can be removed from outside once the screens are off. Photo #4 has a metal piece that looks broken/doesn't go all the way up the frame. All the windows are like that on the left side, but the storm window doesn't go high enough to slide out of that. Does anyone know how these windows work?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SYLVIA HARPER (Asheville, NC), 01/05/2019

I don't see any problems. I can't imagine that area above door is load bearing. If you are determined to tear it out, I would start by removing the drywall above door opening. This will allow you to see how the area was filled in and if there is a header in there. Post back if you see something that looks like it was original to structure. I doubt it.

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Laguna Niguel, CA), 02/09/2019

You have to completely remove the lower front storm window sash from the frame. (4th picture, loosen thumb turns, and raise bottom of panel above the end of the track that's a few inches above the thumb turn... then pull the bottom of the panel toward you so that it's in front of the track and lower it until it comes out of the track. Once you do that, you will probably need to lift the top of the screen frame to lift the top sash slightly (edges of the screen may be crusted in with dirt and may not want to move) and once you do that the top of the screen frame will pull in toward you... then lift it up all the way to the top until you can slip it out of the track that prevents it from falling forward.

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