Forum Title: Casement Window arm bushing issues
Is it possible to just replace the bushing on a casement window arm or does the entire casement window arm need to be replaced? I'v also seen where this part is called a hinge clip. Basically the roller bushing on the arm operator has had the plastic shaved down over the years of window operation and now the track will be flown off the bushing if there's any breeze or wind outside. Should I just try to replace the plastic bushing or is the only way to fix this issue to buy a new replacement arm operator? Thanks for any replies!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANDREA REYES (Madison, WI), 01/01/2019

Measure the decoration on the door (panels) and buy a vent cover that size or larger. THEN cut the hole. Yeah, holes in al 4 corners of the cut and a jig saw should suffice provided it is a wooden door.

- Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 02/08/2019

Thanks the reply. The little round roller (bushing), which attaches the end of the operator arm on the window guide track (lower right of the attached picture at bottom of this post) is the issue part. I've done a little searching, but all I can come up with is the entire operator arm replacement part. This part includes the handle, the operator shaft, operator and the crank arm. similar to this replacement part: my plastic bushings are all torn up and just falling out of the bottom of the track when the wind blows.

- LAURA D (Fresno, CA), 02/05/2019

I have never seen bushings sold separately from the entire crank arm assembly. You should just order a replacement crank. If you want to try a McGyver style repair I think you are on your own. Crank arms/operators are generally readily available and easy to replace.

- STACY DOUGLAS (Tustin, CA), 02/10/2019

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